For this week's piece about neighborhood blogs, I interviewed Amber Campbell, who runs the Rainier Valley Post. The stuff we talked about didn't end up in print, but it's interesting: This past October, her energy was flagging, and she put out a call to her readership for volunteers and donations, saying the Post could "operate as a one-woman show no more." She says she was "flooded" with responses, and has now not only assembled a team of editors, but also just revamped the Post's website with the help of a local web developer, Nick Harberg. The site redesign just went live this week. You should go check it out.

Meanwhile, commenter icouldliveinhope says:

Hi, First Hill Seattle here! It got to be way too overwhelming to do on my own. If anyone's willing to help me resuscitate it, email firsthillfriends at gmail dot com.

First Hill Seattle hasn't posted since October, but the site's still live. Any takers?