Yesterday, we broke the story about a new poll that finds voters in Seattle overwhelmingly support cyclists, believe we should build protected bike lanes, and think that recent anti-cyclist rhetoric is a load of shit. But I couldn't include the full memo from FM3 in the printed article. It's now posted online here. I also wanted to highlight a few numbers I didn't get to in my original story:


Support The Stranger

Not only is there overwhelming support for greenways (86 percent), which are streets with slower speed limits that accommodate cyclists, it shows that nearly three out of four voters support protected bicycle lanes separated from traffic. Even more, they are willing to sacrifice travel lanes and especially parking to accommodate protected bicycle lanes (58 and 63 percent, respectively). When voters were asked about giving up both parking spaces and travel lanes, 59 percent of them were supportive.

For all the "anger" and "indigestion" about road diets—which give up these two amenities to make bike lanes and streets safer for cyclists—it's obvious that the furious, bilious opponents are a minority of voters.