Holy crap, there's another fucking election!?!! YES! Seattle Public Schools' operations and capital levies are up for renewal in a February 12 special election, and we at the SECB strongly urge you to vote no.

Ha-ha! Just kidding! Vote yes! We at the SECB have never met a tax measure we didn't like—especially property taxes, which most of us will never directly pay, because we're all too busy spending our meager paychecks on booze, pot, and gay pornography to ever save up enough money to buy homes of our own.

But really... vote yes on both of them. These school levies are crucial to making sure Seattle's students get a quality education.

First, the three-year operations levy covers 27 percent of Seattle Public Schools' day-to-day operations, including teachers, textbooks, bus transportation, and student activities. Slashing a quarter of our schools' funding would be absolutely unthinkable. So don't even think it.