North Korea Plans to Test Nuclear Weapons: Satellite photos and a fair amount of swagger from Kim's administration point to a go-for-launch status on nuclear weapons testing in North Korea in the next few weeks.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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Prison Riot and Gunbattle in Venezuela: So far 61 are dead out of 120 injured in a prison uprising. The National Guard and inmates armed with weapons obtained through corrupt guards volleyed gunfire and explosives.

Experts point to the lack of safety for prisoners and an almost unbelievable level of overcrowding:

Venezuela currently has 33 prisons built to hold about 12,000 inmates, but officials have said the prisons' population is about 47,000.

Of course this number is paltry compared to the per capita incarceration in America, the number-one jailer worldwide.

Time to Change the Locks: Hacktivist group Anonymous honors the memory of Aaron Swartz by hijacking the US Sentencing Commission's website. Remember folks, never use a pet's name or a birth date in your password.

Great Flood of Obamacare Lawsuits: Even Mennonites are joining the fight against cost- and life-saving reproductive justice measures in the Affordable Care Act. The number of cases will probably send the question of who pays for contraception to the Supreme Court.

Well-Worn Missile Tube Turned In at BuyBack: Can't wait til that thing's melted down.

Tax the Rich for Education: Sen. Ed Murray proposes a small capital gains tax to address the state's constitutional duty to fund education.

Joint Base Lewis McChord Specialist Wants to Make Herstory: Spc. Heidi Olson is considering climbing the military ladder now that women are being officially recognized for their work on the front lines.

Under the Milkyway Tonight: Dung beetles use the stars to navigate their nightly commute.