We got an e-mail from Emerald City Comicon PR Director Joe Parrington a few minutes ago that begins:

Unfortunately we discovered today that Emerald City Comicon's website was hacked into, including our backup files, and everything is now gone and unable to be retrieved.

We now begin the long process of building our site from scratch, which will take several days at least.

It's true: When you visit Emerald City Comicon's site right now, you get a page that reads like so:

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I asked Parrington whether all the information ECCC has collected from this year's batch of ticket-buyers (credit cards, addresses, etc.) are safe, and the answer is, fortunately, yes "Event Brite hosts all of the ticket portion of things for us," Parrington says, "So none of that was stored with us." Your identities and tickets are protected, nerds! But you won't be able to get any new information about the con for a few days at the least. Best wishes to ECCC as they put their site back together in what must be the busiest time of the year for them.

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