Here's the president's speech, from Las Vegas earlier today. He starts talking about his specific demands at 14:41 in this video:

Obama's speech presented even less detail than the bipartisan group of senators presented yesterday. It's politically smart for Obama to take the conceptual lead on this by staying very broad and repeating that he ran for a second term on immigration reform. "At this moment, it looks like there's a genuine desire to get this done soon, and that's encouraging," Obama said. Still, he threatened to send his own bill, if the senators get "bogged down." But for the most part, it was a broad, welcoming speech; the kind of speech you give when you know you hold all the cards. It wasn't antagonistic, and it all sounded very common sense. Obama's sketch of the history of immigration in the United States was optimistic and inclusive, in keeping with the tone of his speeches lately. At the moment, there's a rare burst of civility in America on the topic of immigration reform. Enjoy it, because it could end at any moment.