While Seattle and King County officials are rightfully patting themselves on the back over a better than expected turnout at Saturday's gun buyback event, it was nothing compared to what's been happening in New Jersey:

Mercer County officials say more than 2,500 weapons were turned in for cash during a two-day gun buyback program in the state’s capital.

The Trenton gun buyback surpassed one in Camden in December that netted more than 1,100 weapons.

Mercer County residents received $25 to $250 for each firearm depending on type, condition and legality.

About $100,000 was budgeted but because of the huge turnout, the amount spent is expected to be well over double that. Some participants were given vouchers after money ran out Saturday.

It should be noted that the New Jersey gun buyback programs are state sponsored, paid for with criminal forfeiture money. The Seattle/King County program is funded entirely through private donations.