Cheroots in Seattle?


A very long time ago I bought a few things that looked like those and sound like what you describe in the smoke shop at Pike Place Market. That was like...'89, maybe? So it might not be too helpful.
I think you should go through a background check to buy them.

No one NEEDS a cheroot.
@2 - I'm thinking that smokable products are MUCH more regulated in this country than firearms are, but yeah, whatever.
I used to smoke bidis about 10-12 years ago which are similar but smaller. Unfortunately they are outlawed now as far as I know. I wouldn't be surprised if cheroots are too.
Comment warning: I know nothing about cigars.

That said, it looks like a fresh product. Anything you buy here, even if identical to what's available there, might be completely different. Like buying a mango or banana here - it's just sad after you've tasted perfection.

That's also might have been what Twain meant. Cheap means it was made nearby and sold at a local market. Expensive means a long journey from a far-off land, maybe passing through several middle men (and their warehouses) on the way.
Your best bet may be to contact someone you met there to ship to you. They're mostly handmade in small factories for local consumption, no? You could get something kinda sorta like them here maybe, but not with the flavor you're missing, the tobaccos and softwood chips wrapped in the tha nat phet leaf.
The way Twain feels about cigars? That's how I feel about beer.
Sounds like bidis. Backpack-rappin white boy stoners in my high school days *ahem* years ago LOVED those things. Being a supercool tobacco-huffing goth, I could not stand that hippie shit.
@8 for the win. I know of a couple of places in Santa Barbara, but the only places I can think of around here are:

a. Kirkland - can't remember the street tho
b. that place next to the racing tracks down south Emerald Downs it's real close
c. there's a smoking bar down on 2nd near Cherry I think, but am not sure.
Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.

... someone had to say it.
As a matter of fact, when I was a white boy high-school stoner I loved bidis. I don't know about "backpack-rappin" though, whatever that is.
Fucking tourists. *eye roll*
The smoke shop on the first floor of the Smith Tower used to carry them. Then we got all pure and closed the shop.
@10 you mean the smoke shop in the middle of downtown between all of the bars and art galleries? if you've ever been in downtown kirkland you know where that is, it's next to that large brown irish pub, the one that looks like old wood. with the old guy that goes out and smokes a cigar on the bench when there's no customers?
@11: "Kissing someone that's self-righteous and intolerant is like licking a mongoose's ass."
@16: Perhaps, but that does not change the fact that being around someone who has just smoked a cigarette is revolting from a purely sensory standpoint.

Just because you can not smell or taste it anymore does not mean you do not smell like ass to others.
Kissing someone who smokes is like kissing someone who smokes, it is not at all similar to licking an ashtray. Not that I know anything about licking ashtrays...