This is the flip side of those maddening stories about people from New Jersey who name their kid "Hashtag" or "Pepsi" or "Pilot Inspektor."

An Icelandic teenager referred to as “Girl” by the island nation’s authorities was finally given the right to use her own first name by a court Thursday, according to reports.

Blaer Bjarkardottir’s first name means “breeze” in Icelandic and was not on a list of approved names or otherwise permitted by the authorities.

The English-language website News of Iceland reported that the Icelandic Naming Committee had previously ruled that Blaer was only a man’s name.

Because Blaer's name wasn't on the government-approved list of names, she wasn't allowed to have her own name on her passport. First names are vitally important in Icelandic culture—your first name becomes your child's last name—but I still think I'd rather know a million JayDinnhs and Jeneighfurrs than force something like this list of names onto everyone.