One of the many reasons why I feel more comfortable aligning myself with liberals is that this kind of shit never falls out of the closet of liberals:

A new report by Mother Jones reveals that James B. Taylor, a prominent conservative movement leader and board member for the Young America’s Foundation, once served as vice president of a white supremacist group.

The Republican Party has a white supremacist problem. Remember last year, when National Review started firing contributors because of their ties to white supremacist groups? Then they suddenly stopped, presumably because they realized that they would have very few contributors left if they kept firing everyone who had ever written something bigoted for some bigoted outlet. (Their readers, too, kept haranguing NR for falling sway to "political correctness" in the comment sections. Those comments got more and more racist as the firings went on.) As the party realizes the electoral reality that white men aren't going to be able to prop them up anymore, armies of these rats are going to come to light, and it's going to get really ugly.