Women today finally won the right to get their contraception covered by insurance, for free. That is a big win. It's great. I'm breathing a big sigh of relief right now that women's lives won't be as jeopardized by wingers as they would otherwise.

Goldy, you cite Planned Parenthood and NARAL's support as evidence that this is a great idea but let me remind you: Planned Parenthood and NARAL are not the only arbiters of victory in the fight for reproductive justice, us lowly women are allowed to have opinions, too. Big thanks to Planned Parenthood's medical staff for all the work they do to fill the gaps in care created by a woman-hating, poor-hating system. However, the centrist position held by both of these organizations is partially responsible for the ground the right has gained since Roe. This will not be the first time that PP and NARAL have gone along with neoliberal politicking.

This is more than the symbolic problem you seem to suggest. This is a civil rights problem.

Medical science should not hinge on what is socially or religiously offensive. But it does, again and again. If you've forgotten, this administration threw women under the bus in a similar way in order to accommodate the religious freedom-to-commit-gynocide while hashing out abortion restrictions in Obamacare. If a woman chooses a plan under the state exchanges that would cover abortion, she has to pay a fee into a separate account in order to make sure that no federal money pays for that abortion, regardless of whether we ever get rid of the Hyde Amendment.

And what about everyone whose medication is not for birth control, but for something like endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome or to address a higher risk of cancer? Is the federal government going to allow those perfectly chaste, but medically compromised women be lumped in with the 98 percent of lady skanks who've admitted to using contraception under this separate insurance provision?

The problem here is that the state is legitimizing misogyny. The problem here is that the state is saying, "Yeah, vagina health is different than the health of the rest of your body. It's so different you can even put it in a totally separate plan." It's like saying, "We agree to disagree about whether or not women are people too."