Coming in midstream, I'm not sure exactly how they got to this issue, as they're supposed to be debating the adoption of permanent rules, but the state House just completed debate on an amendment that would have required a two-thirds supermajority for approval of tax increases. From what I gather, it was an amendment to the rules, not a constitutional amendment. In either case, it failed 41-52, with five members abstaining.

Up now is a proposal to embed in House rules the Republicans' "fund education first" agenda, which would require that K-12 education be fully funded in a separate budget before any other appropriations. Great propaganda, but it's really just a clever ruse to dramatically slash social services, since there wouldn't be nearly enough money left. Democrats aren't (very) stupid, so I suppose this amendment will fail too.

If you're interested, you too can watch the live TVW stream, and experience the excitement. Or whatever.

UPDATE: Meanwhile in the state Senate, the members are debating a bill allowing open ended "structured" (i.e. lump sum) settlements for workers compensation claims. This, of course, is the Rodney Tom led Republican majority's main priority: fucking the interests of workers on behalf of Republicans' corporate patrons. You can watch this for yourself too. If you're a glutton for punishment. (Oops, too late, Senate adjourned until 12 noon on Monday.)