Photo by Kelly O of Xhurch Collectives NTVTY 3.0. Click to see more photos.
  • Kelly O
  • Photo by Kelly O of Xhurch Collective's NTVTY 3.0. Click to see more photos.

Aside from the happy fact that we finally settled once and for all how to pronounce the word "homage," Monday was gun day on Slog. We started the week with Marti Jonjak's terrifying first-person story of what it was like to be at the Twilight Exit when a man opened fire. In other gun-related news, Goldy told us the gun buyback was a big success; while Kelly O showed us some great, maddening photos of the buyback; and Dominic Holden linked to a great piece about the gun industry's attempts to recruit children to their side.

On Tuesday, things lightened up somewhat. You were told to send your honey a free Valentine in the pages of The Stranger, a quick check on the Republican Party indicated that they have no fucking clue what they're doing, we learned that there is no upside to privately owned prisons, Dominic Holden investigated whether pot delivery could happen under I-502, and Chicago Fan ended the day with an outraged post demanding that President Obama attend the funeral of a young Chicago shooting victim who performed at the inauguration earlier this month.

Wednesday brought news of Richard Dreyfuss's run for a fifth term on Seattle's city council, Goldy celebrated Washington State's continued first-in-the-nation status on regressive tax structures while Charles Mudede said we're number two in everything else, and a huge fight broke out about whether districting the city council is a good or bad idea. (Nobody yet knows which district would be ideal for Dreyfuss to run in; polling demonstrates that the proposed District 3 prefers Stakeout, while District 5 is more partial to Jaws.) Also, everyone felt good about Jim Nabors.

On Thursday, Dan Savage told all us straight guys that if we wanted to cheer up, we'd better go gay; a discussion broke out about whether we want the old waterfront trolley to come back, and Brendan Kiley tried to get his hands on a local cheroot.

Today, we learned about the possibility of a miracle for Blue Angels haters, the White House disappointed the hell out of all of us except for Goldy, and Marti Jonjak's battle against her landlords continued, and there was a casualty. RIP, Marti's ham; we hardly knew ye, but we bet ye were delicious.