Groundhog Day Is Today: I don't know about you but I'm just starting to get really into winter, so not sure where I stand re:shadow.

US Embassy Bombing Is Announced as an Act of Terror: Although no one's claiming it, it's been linked to a left-wing militant group.

Killer Mistakenly Freed: A man convicted of murder in Indiana travelled to Illinois to stand for a trial that had been dismissed, and then the Chicago Police released him. Authorities on both sides of the state line think it was the other department's fault, or computers, or the prisoner. "It's our fault but we move 100,000 people a day and it's all done with paper," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. This is at least the third time that the Chicago police have mistakenly lost a prisoner.

Now That's a Tall Order: Modelo, Corona Extra, Tsingtao, would be in the Budweiser family if Anheuser Busch and Grupo Modelo merge successfully in spite of an antitrust suit filed by the Justice Department.

State of the NFL: Still not interested in concussions.

Economy Still Shitty: Joblessness is up by just a hair. The annual benchmark update released by the Labor Department showed 424,000 added jobs in the last year, fewer than needed to demonstrate substantial recovery since the "end of the recession" in 2009.

Laser Beams, Cyclopses, Computer Gnomes: The technicians and engineers responsible for clearing the way for the Highway 99 Tunnel are using some crazy technology to keep the buildings downtown upright.

Four Alleged Robbers, Four Different Stories: A bunch of people holding obscene amounts of cash in an Olympia bus station are accused of a string of bank robberies across the South Sound. Each of the alleged robbers claims to have come by the money honestly—for instance, Douglas Smith, who said he found $3,825 in cash lying in the street.