Ballard Teachers Join MAP Protest: The teachers came right out with it in a letter stating their objective, "We believe the MAP test is a waste of students’ class time."

Don't Even Bother Watching the Super Bowl: Because super spoiler Nate Silver already called it for the 49ers.

What You Need to Know About Election Rigging: Mother Jones came out with a very handy cheat sheet about GOP gerrymandering and attempts to break with electoral college rules in the states.

Enlightenment Coach Accused of Encouraging Students to Drink Lye: But we'll never know for sure if she did it because Judge Gary Tabor took all interesting lines of questioning off the table.

Suicide Bombers Attack Army Post in Pakistan: The Taliban has claimed the attacks as retribution for US drone strikes.

Hollande Visits Timbuktu: The major offensive campaign of the French intervention in Mali is over with the expulsion of Islamist rebels. But the war is not over yet. There are serious allegations of human rights violations committed by the army, and no real leadership from the Malian government.

Alleged Bus Rapists Are Charged, Plead Not Guilty: Proceedings are moving quickly in Delhi in the case against the five men accused of the rape and murder of a young woman on a bus.

Japanese Pop Star Is Very Sorry for Dating: A senior member of mega pop group AKB48 was photographed staying out late with a boyfriend, in violation of band management's strict prohibition against dating. The 20-year-old Minami Minageshi shaved her head and recorded an apology of almost four minutes for her fans on Youtube.