Football Is Over: Ravens and 49ers played a really close game, but Queen Bey is the real winner here, with a nod from the First Lady.

Lights Out in the Superdome: The FBI quickly ruled out terrorism, the fire department is sure it wasn't a fire. Now it's looking like the lights went out in the Superdome because Beyonce was so amazing.

Save the Sage Grouse: Conservationists in Oregon are asking ranchers to voluntarily change grazing practices to keep the sage grouse off the endangered species list.

Details Emerge About Jimmy Lee Dykes: The man at the center of the hostage standoff in Alabama is a survivalist interested in guns, marijuana, and conservative talk radio. This is the seventh day of the hostage situation involving a five-year-old boy.

Showdown Over Education Brewing Already: The Republican-controlled State Senate is looking to bargain policy changes, like a school grading system, bonuses for math and science teachers, and weighting student test scores in teacher evaluations, in exchange for funding.

Syria's Assad Is on the Way Out: After Israeli airstrikes, Lebanese arrest warrants and a nod from the White House for the opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, international pressure on Assad is cresting. Opposition groups within Syria seem to be coming together in light of Khatib's call for talks with Assad.

Reforming Mental Health Services in Washington: The state legislature is considering solutions to a crisis over mental health services. Washington ranks 46th among the states in availability of beds for the civilly committed.

Bones Found Buried Under a Parking Lot Are Richard III's: The King who stole the throne from his brother's sons was confirmed by carbon dating, DNA testing, and skeletal analysis. He also had trauma wounds to the skull and "humiliation wounds" consistent with someone being hunted by Henry Tudor.