Why Do Republicans Hate Young People? And Poor People? (And Working People in General?)


That's okay. I hate them back with every fiber of my being.
This is just a bald attempt to gut the minimum wage law.

There are plenty of trades which still have training periods, but the idea is to earn more than minimum wage after that period. Who would train up to minimum wage?

If teenagers are having a hard time finding jobs it's because so many adults have been forced into minimum wage work by the lousy economy.
But if you could get this done, then maybe that poor cafe owner won't have to add that sick-leave surcharge to pay for his cheating workers calling in sick when they're not.
This would have a huge effect on the hiring policy of minimum wage jobs as employee retention is already in the shitter. It will be financially beneficial for minimum wage companies to hire more part time staffers, fire them after 6 months before their wage increases and hire new people...

Job stability amongst the poor is a MAJOR concern. This would make things a hell of a lot worse.

How many of these fuckers have even HELD a minimum wage job in their goddamn lives?
I posted a link to this in another thread.. It is worth reading twice:

Republicans hate young, poor, working people because they are old, rich, and don't work. Classic fear of the other. These fucktards just have enough power to enact their hate and fear into policy.
Why the fuck does anyone think making the working classes poorer will help the economy?

And who the hell needs 680 hours of training for a minimum wage, likely service, position?

I wonder how many hours of training it takes to clean, transport, and oversee operations with hazardous and dangerous substances? Hmm, OSHA only requires about 64 hours, with an additional 8 hour refresher annually.

Yeah, I guess 680 hours is fair then for a person to pour coffee and serve food.
“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.”
-Henry Ford

Even Henry Fucking Ford knew you have to pay your workers well and he was mostly a piece of shit.
As @2 says, this doesn't just affect the young or students. Fast-food and other minimum-wage jobs increasingly are filled by middle-aged or older people who lost their job and couldn't find other jobs or couldn't do their physical-labor jobs because they're too old.
This bill doesn't just target teens - there are no age or experience qualifications *at all* in the bill - so anyone can get paid less, just because the employer decides they need "training".
680 hours...hmmm, why does that number sound so familiar? Oh that's right, it's the minimum to collect unemployment. So this bill incentivizes business to give employees the ax just before said employees have anything to fall back on, thus leaving them desperate for the next 'training wage' job.
Good point by Goldy about there being no real training aspect to a "training wage."

I want to call out this passage: The bill's sponsor, Senator Janéa Holmquist Newbry (R-Moses Lake) says this is all about helping teenagers get jobs,...

In defense of Ms. Holmquist Newbry, I do understand the teenagers-looking-for-low-wage-work lobby in Olympia is very powerful.
What @11 said.

Remember, they wake up every morning, determined to destroy America.
British Columbia tried the training wage thing and scrapped it in 2011. It only applied to a person's first 500 hours of employment, regardless of employer (if employee had 500 hours of work experience and then changed jobs, they could no longer be paid the training wage).

I was trying to find a good article on why it was scrapped, couldn't find anything really on point, but found some references to employers voluntarily not using the training wage because it was too hard to hire.
@11 for the evil, evil, rat bastard win. I think you nailed it.
This would be great if it were real training. Require employers to pay their employees for classes for at least 50% of the total hours.