Karl Rove vs. the Teabaggers: Who Will Win?


Why does one frequently read Paul Constant saying postive things about Dick Cheney and now Karl Rove? ? ?

I mean, holy frigging WTF, for chrissakes! ! !

What's up with The Stranger? ? ?

Neocon Gaytard Week? ? ?

Anybody else think the reading populace might be better served if Constant were to harp upon the reality of Gov. Don Siegelman being railroaded into jail, thanks to Karl Rove and his gang?

And everything else Rove is guilty of and responsible for, instead of acting like he's Paul Constant's savior, for chrissakes!!!!

Why I detest Paul Constant and his mindless drivel. . .
Ah, sgt_doom. I can't quit you.
Bottom line -- to this Democrat, the Republican party is the gift that keeps on giving.

Go Karl!
The Republican Party doesn't have a better choice because extremists can't win national elections or local elections that rely on moderate voters. The base will moan like it stepped on a nail but, in the end, will vote for the GOP candidate regardless, because anything is better than a Democrat. So I think Karl Rove and the party establishment is right on this.
Dick Armey leaving was an obvious sign the Tea Party was over. It was formed to fight against Obamacare.
So Rove is a total douche, and a near-fossil. But Democrats could sure use someone with Rove's focus and long-term commitment and sneakiness and cheerful go-for-the-political jugular attitude. There's a reason that the above poll's top response was "Democrats will lose, somehow. It's what we do!" -- because the Dippy Dems have got to stop being such a bunch of political pussies and start having fun with it!
I admit I prematurely voted for option #3 before reading #4. Then I was like "oh, dammit, I forgot about that option."
Based on what I've seen so far, the Tea Party would win.

Unfortunately Rove is a very expensive and obsolete piece of technology. His gift was exploiting the cracks in the Democrat armor and using counter memes to defrock them.

The situation now is very different. We need a whole new infrastructure, not just an ad man.

What we've seen so far is the old game. Wheel out Jindal. Wheel out Rubio. It didn?t work with Sarah Palin 4 years ago, so why now!

The Republicans are under the mistaken assumption that they need inclusivity or a non white face to win.

That misses the point. We are in a post racial era. Obama is not a black President, he is a good President! Why? Because he is perceived to be delivering the goods: economy, health care, fairer taxes...to most voters.

Republicans are still playing mind games with words and images. But now it is all dollars and cents. Guys want to earn.
Who is this "we"? Got a frog in your pocket?
Relevant: I miss Republicans. If someone -- anyone wants to bring the Eisenhower/Rockefeller coalition back into the driver's seat of the GOP clown car, it would only be a good thing for the country.

I mean, I'd still tear my own fingers off with a vice-grip before voting for any of the fuckers, but at least I'd feel a little less blazing contempt for the people who do. My blood pressure would appreciate that scenario.
What's moderate about Rove? He has no 'principals,' his only moral is "Win at all costs." He helped the Tea Party because he felt it was a useful tool (a bunch of fanatic idiots who will attack anyone blindly). All he had to do was point and the frothing mouth-breathers would show up w/ angry signs and angrier shouting. Sure, he had to bus them in, but as long as the Fox cameras were available and the pundits speaking them up, all you needed was a hundred warm bodies or so.

Now the TeaBaggers feel they're deserving of some representation, and Massuh Rove is all kinds of indignant. It's not their place to talk back, but to obey.

Basically, you have one part of the party that only cares about achieving power, and is totally uninterested or incompetent about wielding it. The other part who believes in imbecilic policies and wants to return us to 1895.
Did I read that correctly? sgt_doom is criticizing someone for "mindless drivel"?

In the House, the Tea Party will win. Districts are so gerrymandered and House races are so screwed up that the fringe members of a party, left or right, has a great chance of winning.
The last answer should be liberals not democrats. No suprise it's winning site is mostly liberals. Thy are upset we are not a liberal party oh and not being pussies being smart.
Rove is sort of a has-been after wasting all that money losing races. I'm betting on the Tea Party.
Obama and Clinton tossed the loony left over to win.
Rove is a Bush guy through and through, so I suspect Rove is trying to set the table for Jeb to run in 2016 by pushing for more of a bit more of a reasonable, if not less conservative republican party. I think the tea party has value for the republicans, primarily in deep red states and as a brownshirt faction of sorts that beats back the left. So while Rove is trying to tamper down the tea party, I don't think he wants to eliminate them.
we want the tea party to kick Rove's ass, because that will accelerate the decline of the GOP and remove a portion of the election-riggers from national contention.