Late Monday afternoon, a woman walked out of a store on 4th and Pine with what security guards described as $459.07 worth of stolen goods, according to a Seattle police report. Officer Jeremy Pinkerton writes that two guards stopped her on the sidewalk, but it didn't stop there: The stop led to a tussle, the tussle went to the ground, and the suspected shoplifter's teeth went to the leg of the security guard.

Undeterred by the security guards' pleas, they later told police, she refused to release the guard's pant leg.

In a final attempt to free the officer from the toothy vicegrip, the security guards loosened their hold on her and offered to free her if she "stopped biting his leg," the police report continues. Apparently persuaded by their offer, "She released her clenched mouth and they held her on the ground and were able to get handcuffs on her."

The police report states that the guard later went to the hospital with "visible puncture wounds" that caused him "significant pain."