Slog Has Spoken, So Now It Is Time to Demand the Death of the Penny


Maybe some of the Chinese hacking our websites could help kill the penny, to free up zinc and copper resources for their expanding economy?
On my way!!
Will it end all prices ending in 6, 7, 8 or 9? If not, why try to do anything? [The Wayne LaPierre/NRA Logic Vortex]
We need to get rid of the penny as well as the nickle. We also need to stop manufacturing paper dollar bills and replace it with a dollar coin.

What? We already have a dollar coin? And there are millions of them in circulation?

But none of those things will happen because, in addition to actually saving us millions of dollars, currency reform is not an issue that can be used to make your political opponent look like a douche. It's just a rational issue and as we all know, 'Mericans don't like rationality.
Time to bring back the two dollar coin, and remint the dollar coin as a 50 cent piece, since it's too much like a quarter.
This petition is full of heart, but is not that strategic. It would take an act of congress to eliminate the penny. Two bills have already failed, so if we wanted to organize around this, we would need a groundswell of support directed at members of congress.

That said, President Obama certainly could rally the troops. I'm looking forward to the Republican talking point "Obama wants your piggy bank."

Thats my two cents
Signed and facebooked. Good luck foisting the Will O' The Slog on the american people.
I can't find the petition!
Sadly the zinc lobby will never let the penny disappear.
If we DO get rid of the penny, I'm going to hoard mine because suddenly pennies will become worth a whole lot for being rare!

The zinc lobby and the powerful Senators who have Penny Production jobs in their states work to prevent this happening, that is true.

But -- if there are hundreds of thousands of signatures? There might be enough political pressure to make it happen. And yes, lobby our own representatives.

I thought the petition was very well written. In our "national" interests to do this -- not zinc interests, not Penny Production job interests.

I wish I could sign it twice.
When the deflation kicks in, you're gonna want those pennies.

Candy bars, discount socks.

You name it.
There was a great story on the news about a couple who needed a new floor and decided to cover the floor with pennies. It looks awesome. I think it costs something like six hundred dollars.
@13 yes, I heard that one. The pennies cost less than actual flooring.
Meh. I like the penny. This is America dammit. Next you'll want to replace the paper dollar with a coin or some other nonsense.
Yes! Once the penny is gone there will be space available in the cash register coin tray for the dollar coin and we can get rid of the dollar bill.
The people who a super into Abe Lincoln are the weirdest. He's already on the fiver, what more do they want?
The peeps at the Dollar Rede$ign Project have speculated that we could juice the economy by introducing new currency to replace our fugly munnie.

Personally, I like this simple, elegant design.
Getting rid of the paper dollar would make more sense. They cost too much to make and don't last very long in circulation.
Cultural appropriation is never ok. First America steals our poutine...
#14 you think?
If you say you can't find...

Also, this seems very relevant to Slog's interests, and already has a ton of signatures:…