So, the manhunt for that cop-killing ex-cop, Christopher Dorner, is collecting some collateral damage, as two Latina women delivering newspapers had their pickup truck shot to pieces by cops on the hunt for this nut. Be sure to click through and look at the bullet holes in the vehicle.

My attitude when gun nuts tell me that if we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns is to remind them that, No, you idiot, sheriffs and other lawmen will still have guns. I generally trust well-trained cops to have guns, and I'd be delighted to live in a nation where only law enforcement had access to the killing power of firearms. But maybe I'm wrong about that if cops are willing to open fire like this just because of the make and model of the truck, without first confirming whether it's being driven by an African-American man (the subject of their search) or a 77-year-old Latina grandmother and her 44-year-old daughter.