A lightweight carbon-fiber car that runs on lithium-ion batteries and a portable wind turbine has just traveled 3,000 miles across Australia—and it used only $15 worth of electricity. The car, dubbed the Wind Explorer, was designed by New Jersey-based Evonik Industries to demonstrate the potential of the company’s developments in battery power and lightweight materials.

Yesterday, I read that it took the Soviets 17 or so attempts to land on Venus. And what did they discover? Venus, our planet's twin, is essentially hell. But who cares about the outcome, who cares that the place is uninhabitable. What's important is that a team of determined/brilliant scientists and engineers were able to land on another world. Humans will be lost if, as capitalism always insists, everything we do has to have some kind of purpose or a value that can be exploited, be translated directly into market values. This wind car is great not because we can capitalize on it in some way, but because it can travel a great distance on wind. That's it and nothing more. We must never forget that it is a core part of our species-being to be playful. Play is our only true spirituality.