Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he isn't going to wait for the state to decriminalize pot possession, making it a violation rather than a criminal offense, so he's taking executive action. From his state of the city speech:

But we know that there’s more we can do to keep New Yorkers, particularly young men, from ending up with a criminal record. Commissioner Kelly and I support Governor Cuomo’s proposal to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a violation, rather than a misdemeanor and we’ll work to help him pass it this year. But we won’t wait for that to happen.

Right now, those arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana are often held in custody overnight. We’re changing that. Effective next month, anyone presenting an ID and clearing a warrant check will be released directly from the precinct with a desk appearance ticket to return to court. It’s consistent with the law, it’s the right thing to do and it will allow us to target police resources where they’re needed most.

Right on, you crazy ol' anti-soda lady-doer.

Compare that to Bloomberg's predecessor, world's tightest rectum Rudolph Giuliani, whose marijuana enforcement was positively draconian. Giuliani instigated marijuana sweeps that drove arrests from a negligent handful to tens of thousands of busts a year—making pot possession New York's number-one "crime." Oh, and almost all of them were racial minorities.

Bloomberg is part of undoing that cinched sphincter's legacy.