A beer-drinker at Von Trapps.
  • Kelly O
  • A beer-drinker at Von Trapp's.

The prospective beer list for brand-new Von Trapp's 25 taps looks promising for beer nerds. How promising? Here's what the king of Washington Beer Blog, Kendall Jones, has to say:

What excites me most about the opening lineup is the diversity of the list. Many of Seattle's great beer bars focus on big, Northwest style ales—IPA, Porter, Stout, and so on. Others focus entirely on German-style beers. Von Trapp's seems to be really focused on a broad range of beers, from traditional German-style lagers to robust local ales.

The beers on the opening lineup that most immediately whet my whistle would be Maisel Dunkel Weisse, Veltins Pilsner, Good Life Descender IPA, and the North Coast Old Rasputin. The Duchesse De Bourgogne is also a very nice touch. It's a Belgian beer—a Flanders Red Ale—that serves as a very good introduction to an exciting world of crazy-ass beer flavors. It's like a gateway beer for people who say they don't like sour beers. The Duchess is brewed with wild yeast. She can open your mind to a whole new world of beer flavors if you'll let her. She's like your first really crazy girlfriend. I know you're afraid it will hurt, but trust her. You won't regret it.

Hey, I love the Duchess too! Nothing like a gateway.

(Also: The Stranger is having the world's-best-ever local-music-and-beer fest. And it's Washington Beer Blog–approved!. You should come!)