Click the photo to find more words the city says to Megan Seling.
  • Click the photo to find more words the city says to Megan Seling.

Dan Savage basically ruined our week before it even started on Sunday night, with the story of anti-gay bigots who tried to ban some gay kids from a prom. But then he basically made our week with the news that Pope Ratzi is retiring, so we forgive him. Meanwhile, Megan Seling celebrated Sumo season, Brendan Kiley explained how to take action on behalf of the grand jury refusers held in solitary confinement without charges, and that whole undercover-cop-cajoling-a-guy-into-selling-a-joint-for-five-bucks thing happened, too.

On Tuesday, David Schmader and I told you about the time we visited the Super Bowl ad autopsy. Dominic Holden talked to a pastor about his church event intended to "mock" the "Orientals" and Blacks." There was some complaining about air travel, too. Meanwhile, the State of the Union was stated.

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The winner of Anna Minard's Wednesday post questioning the wisdom of SPD's rape-prevention tips was Alithea, whose comment is posted to the right of this sentence. Oh, and there was something about Charles Krafft, too.

Yesterday, I ruined Valentine's Day for everyone by breaking the story about the Capitol Hill Half Price Books closing on June 2. And Megan Seling thinks the whole world has gone crazy because she's the only person who loves A Good Day to Die Hard.

Today started with a fucking meteor strike in Russia. Also, a Seattle Times reporter wound up as the face of a lobbying campaign, Goldy questioned whether the workers who make Theo's chocolates are treated fairly, Dominic Holden spoke up for pedestrians all over Seattle, and we narrowly missed the end of the world.

You guys. We all nearly died today. Think about that as you head into your weekend, won't you? And don't forget to pour one out for Bruce Willis.