A small young man was found splattered with blood last night in Little Saigon "hung up by his underwear on a fence post, apparently by anonymous attackers," according to a tip I received this morning. I followed up with the Seattle Police Department, which sent me a narrative of the incident based on police interviews with a witness.

Driving past Boren Avenue and South Jackson Street at about 9:30 p.m., the female witness "found a 25-year-old male naked, assaulted, strung up on a pole," says the police narrative. "She stated that the male's legs were not touching the ground and that he was struggling," the report continues, adding that the guy, who was about 5'5" and only 95 pounds, had "scratches on his chest and that the male's shirt was torn up." "He was bleeding," she told officers, and she "lifted him to release" him from the seven-foot-tall pole.

The young man fled the scene before police arrived, probably embarrassed and hurt (it's unclear if he had clothes because the report says he was naked, the tipper describes underwear, and the police report says his shirt was bloody). But I can see why a reasonable person would run. God knows if this is a trend—some sort of hazing ritual, a gay bashing, a pastime for some thugs?—or just a freak incident. Regardless, I hope this doesn't go unpunished. If you know who did this, turn the shitheads in.