It's a Bird, It's a Plane: No, it's just local Seattle "superheroes" Phoenix Jones and Purple Rain Reign warning the public to "be careful" after a string of assaults on local women.

Could Next Pope Be from the United States?: Probably not, but the next cardinal accused of allegedly covering up sex abuses probably will be.

Airstrikes Banned on Afghan Villagers: After 10 civilians were killed in an Afghan-led NATO airstrike, president Hamid Karzai forbade further foreign airstrikes on "Afghan homes or villages." In Afghanistan, "don't bomb civilian neighborhoods" can't be taken for granted.

Exceedingly Cute Lion Cubs Debut at Woodland Park Zoo: Everything the fence touches is our kingdom.

Gun Control Makes Headway in Colorado, Stalls in Washington: Gun control passed its first hurdle in the Colorado House this week. Meanwhile, Washington legislators' apparent unwillingness to read an eight-page bill before sponsoring it threatens to demolish all progress on firearm legislation here.

At Least National Immigration Legislation Is Making Progress: And if that slows down to the frustratingly phlegmatic, nearly imperceptible movement of past "bipartisan" national legislative efforts, the White House is expected to drop its own draft immigration bill.

Trouble in Palestine: Volatile protests, "Prisoner X" suicides, and brutal stabbings dominated Israeli headlines this week.

Quick Catch-Up on the Ketchup Market: Warren Buffet recently purchased Heinz, the company responsible for making chips, vinegar, baked beans, and culinary atrocities like that green Ketchup sold in the '90s.