Sam Bellomio is running for Seattle City Council, and though I tried to reach him on Friday for an interview and I tried to spell his last name correctly in a post about his candidacy, I was unsuccessful on both fronts, it turns out. Bellomio—spelled with an "m" not an "n," for the record—now doubts that I possess the intellectual wherewithal to grasp his principles.

There's no doubt that I'm an idjit. So with that out of the way...

Bellomio is probably best known for delivering furious-but-unspecific tirades during public testimony at council meetings (see for yourself), which essentially argue that he doesn't have enough time to speak, nobody is listening to him, and nobody is smart enough to understand him. So last week I'd asked by e-mail these questions about his specific goals: "Why are you running? What's your platform? Why did you choose [to challenge] Mike O'Brien? What, specifically, has he and the council done that you dislike? If elected, what would you do?"

This was his reply to those questions:

After reading your article Friday night I decided to enjoy the weekend. So here's my response:

Yes I (and will be happy to have a discussion with you... but is your intellectual level high enough? You cannot read 2 simple words? First, my name is Bellomio not Bellonio. Second, I am Vice-president of StandUP-America... not Stand-UP America. How can I have a conversation when you can't spell correctly, which I assume is a precursor to getting your current job.

You don't understand or our principles and I'm not to sure that you have the intellect to do so; your political and intellectual intelligence is not high enough to understand such important issues. You are just a marionette that works for aristocrats... go school yourself and teach yourself about Then maybe we can have a conversation...

My regrets for the misspellings, Sam. And thanks for clarifying your platform.