Every once in a while—not very often, but every couple months or so—I wake up with a craving for an enormous salad. The only way to satisfy that kind of a craving is by, well, eating an enormous salad. And probably because this topic came up recently, I woke up on Sunday with a powerful urge to eat a salad that's bigger than my face. So I decided to give Seattle Salads in Madison Park Valley a try.

Rather than dictating a choose-your-own-adventure salad, I took my server's advice and ordered a large Lime Peanut off the menu, which starts with a 48 ounce bowl filled with greens of your choice (I went for the mixed spring greens) and tossed with cabbage, beans, carrots, peanuts, cheddar cheese, raisins, and a house-made lime peanut dressing. It was indeed bigger than my face. And it was incredible. All the ingredients were super fresh, the taste combinations were unexpectedly delicious, and the salad was well-tossed (tee-hee). Nine bucks is probably the outside of what most people are willing to pay for a salad (the 32-ounce salad is $7) but I came away happy. It was my entire lunch, and it was just as filling as, say, a sandwich and chips. This is the kind of meal you plan a trip around; the next time I have a craving for a salad, I have a feeling it's going to be a very specific craving, for the Lime Peanut.

My one complaint about Seattle Salads is that there's not much seating available, just two small tables that seat two people each. But then, it's supposed to be more of a to-go place, with a bunch of snacks available and a lunchtime delivery service from Monday through Friday. I'm sure warmer weather will bring more outdoor seating, and the thought of tables of people sitting in the sunshine eating fresh vegetables is almost too adorable to even think about. This is the kind of destination that makes you glad you live in Seattle.