In a front page article on the New York Times website, the Chinese military strongly denies hacking the New York Times and other US businesses:

A day later, the U.S. security company accused the People's Liberation Army units engaged in the network warfare of businesses, organizations and government agencies in the United States, the Chinese Defense Ministry issued a strong denial, and insisted that the report is flawed.

In press conference held in Beijing on Wednesday, the allegations put forward by the Ministry of Industry and the destructive, Mandiant, the computer security company in the United States, this is a challenge. The report points out that the PLA unit 61398 Shanghai as one of the world's most radical computer hacker operation.

Chinese army never support any hacker activity, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said at news conference: "Claims, the Chinese military the Mandiant company engaged in cyber espionage is not on the basis of the facts."

Huh. Well I'm convinced.