So, besides the perhaps-pending legalization of same-sex marriage, the other big item on the legislative agenda in Illinois is writing a law to allow concealed carry of guns. Illinois is the only state in the nation to not allow such madness, but that law was struck down by gun nut judicial activists in black robes.

And the NRA is trying to make sure that people can carry concealed weapons on public transportation. What's truly genius about this is how, like so many other right-wing asshats, they try to co-opt the language of civil rights. Money quote:

“I don’t believe people who need public transportation to get around should be prohibited from exercising their constitutional right,” said lobbyist Todd Vandermyde, who later questioned the contradiction of a motorist being allowed to carry a gun in their vehicle but not a mass transit customer.

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“Just because one is one economic status, they get rights. But because someone has to avail themselves of public transportation, they don’t get the right to self-defense? They’re supposed to roam around defenseless? Help me understand how that works,” he asked the Sun-Times.

The "logic": only poor people take public transportation, and only rich people drive, so you cannot deprive poor people of the right to carry guns just because they're stuck on the El or CTA buses rather than sitting in traffic on a nice suburban road. What utter bullshit. How about you should not have people carrying guns on public transportation because public transportation is crowded and rage-inducing, and the last thing we need is gun nuts blasting away at each other on train cars and buses.