Anyone Wanna Go to Nebraska With Me on March 3?


Oh I'll go with you, but simply because of my lifelong love of gymnastics.
You guys buy the tickets. I'll zoom in on Google Earth and make sure none of the hotels have rooftop water tanks.
Oogle while you can, Danny; actually men's gymnastics is a dying sport in the Qunited States of Gommorica.

Thanks to Title Nine.

Which requires schools to have the same number of females and males on sports teams.

No matter how many people of whatever gender actually want to be on a team.

So schools have to invent girl's sports and they drop men's sports.

In the interest of guaranteeing equal outcome.

Just the way the Liberals like it.

I know they're fashionable but those dumb looking shorts really take the hot out of what should be amazing bodies.
Ohhh! Someone PLEASE tell me that's their "It Gets Better" video!!
Sweet. But Nebraska? No thanks.
Being an opposite-sex-oriented kind of guy (as well as someone who can really do without Nebraska), I'll sit that one out. But I have to admit that gymnasts just might have the ideal build, more than any other kind of male athlete.
Gosh, that Harlem Shake thing is SO COOL! Where can I see more of it?
Yes please. That video is 80% of my version of Heaven.
I love men's gymnastics. Men's diving takes a close second. Thanks for the visual lunch break Dan.
It's been a shitty day! Thanks for that, Dan. Totally made me feel better.
In my mind, it is already March 3 and I am already in Nebraska.
Bodyhair-less, immature idiots listening to shitty music... that AND NEBRASKA? No thank you. I will stay in California with my hairy, 40-something husband.
I watched it with the sound off. And I mentally pixilated the dude in the stupid hat.
I don't really get the whole Harlem Shake thing, but any excuse to see hot shirtless guys shakin it works for me.

Gymnasts are the main reason I watch the summer olympics. They are almost universally hot, every one of them.

They could use some diversity on the Nebraska team, but the hotness is hard to deny. *drool*
I'll meet you here. Need tickets? Because I can do that.

@16 what *is* up with this song fad? It makes a lot less sense than "call me maybe"


how is the team not representative of Nebraska?
They are all very pretty but has anyone else noticed that in all these "Harlem shake" videos not a single person actually does the Harlem shake?
Why, when you can just go to Seattle U?
more than anything in the whole world!
Ah, youth!

Hard to tell for sure, but some of these guys look taller than 5'4" - which is how tall male gymnasts seem to be these days.