We See Christ's Love Most Clearly When Men Fuck Women


well, that's when i see it most clearly.
You sure aren't going to see it when a women pegs her man's ass.
God (ahem), this shit gets boring. It's so void of any logic, and yet they think it's chock full o' logic.

Idiots. I'm tired of arguing the merits of this.
What a bunch of tripe - all I could see was the "On Knees for Jesus" in the upper corner...
This is just grasping at straws - they know they're losing.
Is it less clear when women fuck men?
Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure the reason Ephesians 5 is followed by Ephesians 6 is because *5 IS FOLLOWED BY 6*
Even if everything in this video is assumed to be true, nothing about it says that gay sex or gay marriage is actively bad only that it doesn't "show the story." In that respect, being gay is no worse than being chaste.
"This story [of the glory of life-giving communion] is only revealed in the glory, and beauty and mystery of the sexual difference."

And were it up to you cretins, we'd still have nothing but the mystery when it comes to sexuality. It's thanks to secular scientists that we now regard the human body as a glorious, beautiful thing. When the Church was in charge, it was mystery on top of shame and disgust.

@7: Ha! I immediately thought the same thing.
More of the same nonsense from people trying to stomp down the rattling manhole cover of their repressed homosexuality.

Hey West and Strand, ever notice how straight people don't have to hold themselves back from having gay sex?
Jesus was G-A-Y! That's why he wasn't married in his thirties and hung out with men. Duh.
"On Knees for Jesus" in the upper right corner has a whole new meaning here, don't it?
"On Knees for Jesus" in the upper right corner has a whole different meaning here, don't it?
@7, not if you're gay. If you're gay, 5 is followed by SATAN.
So, before Christ was born, what did the joining of a man's and a woman's body signify?
I'm guessing nothing, just good, slutty fun.
@3 - More like chock full o' nuts.
Exhibiting for all to see one's own fantasy about sinners fucking everything that moves is rather disturbing. What a steaming pile of gibberish.
Ummmm, it's been a long time since I was in catechism class, but back in my day, Jesus wasn't interested in men and woman having sex, and he spent his time hanging out with a bunch of guys.
I certainly need to see Christ's love more clearly right now. I hate that I'll have to wait until the kids are in bed before I can see Christ's love more clearly.

I am so using that phrase from now on...
"True freedom is freedom from the compulsion to indulge."

I wonder if this gent has ever read "Animal Farm." (cf: "Ring of Freedom.")

This argument was one of the key justifications for the spate of lobotomies performed in the '50s and '60s.

I think his theology is all fucked up, too. But then, I'm a Quaker who believes that IF there is a God, then there is that of God in each and every one of us (yeah, even him), and that each of us has our own personal relationship with [Him, Her, It, Whatever]. If you think Jesus intercedes for you, fine -- whatever makes it easier. But if you think that God, who made everyone, doesn't already know that gay people can love each other as much as straight people can, or can love Him [etc.], you don't know shit about God. And you certainly don't know shit about humility.

Satan, however, does exist, and he broadcasts via the Christian Broadcasting Network.
Holy Shit.
Every time I watch one of these videos, I can actually FEEL my IQ slipping down a few notches.
@22 That's funny. I can feel my blood pressure slipping up a few notches.
In the Bible, God creates Adam, a man with man junk. Later God sees that Adam is lonely, so what does God do? Right, he creates all the animals on the planet, and presents them to Adam to see if one of them would make a suitable companion for Adam. Only after Adam rejects all the animals does God figure out that Adam, a man with man junk, might want someone of his own species. So then finally God creates Eve from one of Adam's ribs. (Men and woman have the same number of ribs.) I don't think the Bible is a good reference for understanding the story of the sexes.
Holy crap. This tortured logic makes me feel dizzier in the head than the medical pot I tried a couple of nights ago. Orwell couldn't come up with better doublespeak.
So the Catholic Church is a giant vagina?
What is it with these fundies and their sex obsession.

If it's not gay marriage that's Satan, it's birth control that's Satan. If it's not birth control they're fighting, it's sex ed. If it's not sex ed, it's porn.


He actually talks about "taking up armor" = gay bashing = hate crime.

He's not the only fundie I've heard lately who says Christians need to kick it up a notch to actual violent "resistance". About as anti-Jesus as you can get but hey, what does a bi/queer atheist know?
We See Christ's Love Most Clearly When Men Fuck Women

Personally, I think Christ's love is better captured by a blow job.
I watch this video, and I see a sad little man who is completely fucking obsessed with all the sex he probably isn't having.

Oh dear. So many of the comments are so spot on, esp. #15 "So, before Christ was born, what did the joining of a man's and a woman's body signify?"

Anyone else think it's ironic that the Christians are adopting sex as their THING, even though Jesus was the only person in history *not* conceived through straight sex (or some derivative thereof)?
That look on his face and his "praying" hands are what his wife sees when he's on his kness for Jesus and saying, "Please peg me! Pleeeze!"
Someone needs to make a hump parody of this video. a bisexual one too.
It's amazing the amount of convoluted bullshit some people indulge in when their repressed sexuality is provoked. Just get laid already, your interest in other people's sex lives will decrease accordingly.
I'm surprised Dan didn't go with this Futurama gem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74PR4z3Xn…
Don't watch the intellectual baboons on Christian Broadcasting. They're just too depressing for words: God wants us to be intolerant. We vomit at the thought of homosexuality for a reason.

Who has time for that nonsense?
The craziness in this man's argument comes from his reverse logic: I believe gay marriage is bad. What logical arguments can I come up with to support my belief? This and this and this are all a little off. If I add them together, their offness cancels. Voila! (By the way, the Church is Christs BRIDE, not his come dump. So all of us Xians are married to Him. Even the straight male ones of us.)
I like the comparison of homosexuals to alcoholics. Fucking bigots.
Am I the only one that can feel these idiots, and everyone like them, slipping into irrelevance? "Tab A fits into Slot B, therefore JESUS MAGIC!" is possibly one of the weakest arguments I've heard. For fuck's sakes guys, give up and go back to your flocks. (Baaaa!)
Damn it, I must be doing it wrong! Sex never makes me want to go to Mass.

@26 I was wondering does Christ or the Church get the strap-on?
i had communion 3 times last nite!
Jesus was conceived without sex, then lived his life without sex, therefore sex is the most complete expression of His love. But only if it is straight. Got it.
He doesn't seem to explain why a man wanting sex with another man is a "compulsion" but a man wanting sex with a woman is not. Sexual desire is sexual desire. Somehow a horny dude who happens to have a wife to dump his load into has "holy" horniness, whereas gay dudes have "sinful" compulsive horniness.
What the fuck does Christ and the church have to do with fucking? Why is that the metaphor he insists on going with? Is gay sex like Jesus masturbating? What happens when two churches get together? And what part of either of those is not a better story than Christ fucking a building?
Or is Jesus the woman, and the church is dicking him?