LOLGOP is playing slip 'n' slide on the culture's slipperiest slope:

When I tell my friends that I support letting the states decide if Republicans can marry, they often ask me to leave their sauna, unfriend them on Facebook and return all of their lent toiletries. In these instances, I’m reminded that the tradition of marriage is so sacred to many Americans that the notion of Republicans being allowed to marry can offend their very being. “Imagine,” their smoldering eyes seem to be screaming, “My dear, normal child being forced to sit in a classroom being forced to learn about Newt Gingrich’s belief that marriage should only between a man and a woman who doesn’t have cancer.”

I try to tell them that not all Republicans are like Marc Sanford, David Vitter or Herman Cain. Not all Republicans are Rick Perry who has executed hundreds of people, many of them likely guilty of crimes, while making it nearly impossible for thousands of poor children women to find basic health care.

That’s just most Republicans, I say.

I have to admit that LOLGOP makes a persuasive case for Republican marriage. Go read the whole thing.