• Larae Lobdell

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the sweet, charming comedy for children, Number 2 Quebecois Robot Detective Agency. (I don't think it has anything to do with No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, but I haven't read those novels...)

It closed earlier this month, but Jonah Von Spreecken (as humble robot detective Phillipe Marleaux) and Ali el-Gasseir (as shiny and fast robot detective Djohnny François) are bringing it back for a few performances, including one tomorrow at 7:30 pm. I'd heard they did an "adult" version of the show with slightly different jokes and emphases—I'm guessing tomorrow will be that version. They have another children's-hour performance at 11 am on March 7.

It's a swell, airy little show—good for toddlers, kids, and adults—and what I hope will be the beginning of a whole series of "live weekend-morning cartoons" from Von Spreecken and el-Gasseir.

The link for tickets is here.