Report Confirms that City Should Bargain Harder with Developers: The city should demand more affordable housing if developers want to build tall in areas like South Lake Union, according to a new report. Under current rules, developers can pay a fee to build taller than zoning allows, or build public housing equivalent to the fee. The report says the fees could be a great deal higher and still offer a sweet profit margin for the developer.

FDA Approves New Breast Cancer Drug: Meanwhile, can we all collectively disapprove of doctors referring to evil breast cancer-causing proteins as HER-2? It sounds a lot like finger-pointing at cancer boobs.

Mosquitos Don't Give a Shit About DEET: Mosquitos responsible for transmitting dengue among other fevers have evolved to not mind the smell of DEET.

Freakishly Large Goldfish Threaten Lake Tahoe: The population of orange invasives crowding out the native fish are believed to have been dumped by some assholes who probably thought fish poop growing over the little plastic treasure chest was just too much of a hassle to clean off every week.

Awesome Idea, Bro: Awesome Foundation picks another Seattleite with an awesome idea as the recipient of grant money.

Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work: Actually, after giving 22 people food poisoning in a weekend, you might just dip the whole restaurant in bleach.

Your Oscar Emergency Response Plan: Torrent all the winning movies before Monday, when copyright alert systems are suspected to launch.

Sick Yo-Yo Tricks: Did you miss this year's Northwest Regional Yo-Yo Contest? Don't even worry, Seattle P-I's got a big pile of photos here.