An Amicus Brief for the History Books: Both Eli and Dan report below on the letter submitted to the Supreme Court by 75 prominent Republicans "arguing that gay people have a constitutional right to marry."

Wondering Why Cops Were Swarming Bellevue Ave Last Night? SPD tweets about it: "Officers respond to 1700 Blk Bellevue for argument between roommates. One threatened other w/ gun, shot fired into ceiling. Suspect arrested."

Well, There's a Headline: "SPD monitor asks city to pay for his cable bill, meals and booze." Take it away, KOMO:

Since starting the job, [Merrick] Bobb's spending habits have raised eyebrows. He has turned in receipts for expensive dinners at top restaurants that cost $113, $92 and $191. He has also turned in receipts for his monthly cable bill, an Egyptian cotton pillow case and alcohol. While no one blames Bobb for having expensive tastes, few seem happy that he's asking taxpayers to foot the bill.

Those Weird Gray Nudie-Pic Machines at Sea-Tac: They "should be gone by mid-April, according to a staff memo sent to Port of Seattle commissioners on Sunday."

Sacramento Wants to Keep Its Kings: In a counteroffer to the Seattle bid, private investors promise to build a new arena in Sacramento.

Weigh In Here: Will you pay the Seattle Times $4 a week to read it on the web?

America Looks Dumb, the World Laughs: The Guardian is now live-blogging our political and budgetary disaster. "Good morning and welcome to our live blog coverage of the sequester. Just three days to go now until the axe falls."

Speaking of Sequestration: House Speaker John Boehner tells the Senate to "get off their ass."

A Blizzard in the Heartland: A writer in the bathroom? "Gobs of wet, heavy snow plopped to the ground early Tuesday in the Kansas City area," begins CNN.

So Does He Get to Keep the Hat? The Vatican explains what the pope's new title, outfit, and jewelry will be after he quits.

Ohhhh, Morrissey. He just really loves ducks, okay?