SHOWA • Fremont: The Fremont izakaya spot from the chef of Eastlake's (very good) Sushi Kappo Tamura only lasted about a year. Before that, fancy omakase Chiso Kappo (same chef) only made it a few years. Maybe it's the weird upstairs space? (Which has been sold, reportedly to another restaurant.)

BORSALINO'S • Eastlake: Even Borsalino's (formerly a Romio's) seemed surprised they lasted as long as they did—as their Facebook had exclaimed, "Borsalino's has made it to our first anniversary!" Borsalino's was in that castle-style building near the University Bridge, which used to be a club called the Scoundrel's Lair—Soundgarden and the Melvins played there.

GUANACO'S TACOS PUPUSERIA • Capitol Hill: Our own Megan Seling bemoans, "The delicious pupusa place on Broadway behind that Mexican restaurant across from Hana is closed! I tried to go there the other day and it was all packed up. SAD." The Guanaco's in the U-District is still open: Someone very busy-sounding there said, "It just didn't work out—not enough business." But! Already installed in the space: delightful torta-makers Barriga Llena ("full belly"), transplanted from Aurora (see review over here).

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C.S. Finnegans Irish Houses wake.
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  • C.S. Finnegan's Irish House's wake.