Another Law-Breaking School Board Blocks Formation of GSA


Always fun to watch the ACLU go for the throat.
Working on a letter, anybody know a nice way to say "Stupid, inconsiderate, fuckwit?"
Smith, Miracle, Boryan, and Amsley-Camp voted in favor of allowing the GSA.

> anybody know a nice way to say "Stupid, inconsiderate, fuckwit?"<

Family Values Republican
This reminds me, it's time to make another donation to the ACLU.
Folks, I'm going to point out that the vote was 5-4 against letting the club form, and the article doesn't state how any of them voted. SO... err on the side of caution. You may want to go ballistic, but you might do it on one of the good guys, and that definitely won't help.
Whoops, this is what happens when I take too much time writing my post - I missed @ 3's comment. Please pay attention to it. Send those people thanks and support, and the others your outrage.
Dan, it is so utterly irresponsible of you to post those names and emails without finding out how they actually voted.
Pittsburgh on the left
Philadelphia on the right
Alabama in the middle

I live in Cburg and hope the school board gets their ass's sued.
Here's the definitive reporting on the school board action, on a local news website:…

From what I can see, some of the comments on that page could use some responses.
Hmm. So among the four in the minority are all three women on the board, while five of the six men voted for the ban. Not that homophobia is exclusively masculine, as we know, but this breakdown seems interesting.
@11 I think the word you're looking for is 'predictable'.
School law-breaking seems to be a theme of the day:…
it's a few minutes out of my day, but I love writing my parent's-perspective letters in matters like this. Thanks Dan for bringing this up!
@ 11/13, some of the most vicious homophobes in recent political history were women, from Anita Bryant to that woman in Indiana who doesn't think gay people have meaningful lives to lead. Men may tend to be more outspoken in their bigotry, but you aren't going to find or predict anything else about homophobia if you focus on gender.
Why was there a vote in the first place, if it's a legal right to have a GSA? Screw the vote, proceed young minds!!
Why was there a vote in the first place? It's a legal right to have a GSA.
@11/13: Yeah, I can not think of one woman who is an outspoken bigot when it comes to homosexuality. Certainly none have ever been featured on this blog, or run nationwide homophobic groups.

I know it feels good to blame every problem on men, but it is not going to get you to the truth or make things better.
@17 They were already active, but they were seeking official club status which allows additional benefits for the club.
Message sent. Hope they get their heads out of their collective asses and make the right decision.
@19 Dammit, all this time I've been thinking Maggie Gallagher was a dude!!
@ 10 - Loved the lesbian baby-killers argument against having a GSA. As everyone knows, GSAs foment child neglect.

It is very important to the Homosexual Agenda to get GSAs in all schools to recruit new Baby Gays
@24 Yes, if we ban GSAs then nobody will ever convert to homosexuality! You've figured out exactly how it works!
@24 Almost as important as Religion needs to recruit small children to accept and love everyone else like them and judge and persecute anyone that doesn't fall within their narrow worldview
@ 25 - 26 - Just imagine if the catholic church had come up with the idea of GSAs, it would have fulfilled all of its needs - gay and religious recruits! - with one simple process!
After reading the whole article, I still have no idea what (geographical) state this is happening in. I will google, but this seems like an important enough detail to include in future stories of this nature.
South central PA.
See my comment @9
I'm a big proponent of reinforcement rather than just punishment... it doesn't hurt to send polite e-mails to the supporters.
[sigh] reads like the Lambda Legal Permanent Employment Drive. Send 'em some support if you can:
Living in this town for the past 10 years and being gay myself, I can tell you that it is no surprise they voted against it. It's not just about the gay kids though. The club is called "gay-straight ALLIANCE" isn't it? You don't have to be gay to support the cause. All of my friends are straight but show their support for me just like they would anyone else. It's about equality for all, no matter your skin color, sexual preference or religious/non-religious beliefs. We're all human beings and it's about time this town treats each other as so.