Yesterday, I told you that Chris Sprouse, the artist who was scheduled to draw a Superman story written by hateful homophobe Orson Scott Card, backed out of the comic. DC Comics promised that as soon as they found another artist, the story would be released. Now Rich Johnston comics rumor site Bleeding Cool reports that the comic might never be released:

I understand that this may never happen. That, basically, there is no “hurry” to find a replacement artist… and that the people involved with putting the comic together simply weren’t aware of Orson Scott Card’s activist membership. I mean, I was. I’m sure you were. But, it seems not everyone was.

As Johnston points out, the movie version of Card's best and most popular novel Ender's Game comes out this fall. There's no way fan backlash is going to stop a movie from coming out, but it sure will kick off some interesting discussions.