It's been quite a week at Slate. First William Saletan sticks his foot in his mouth trying to say something ("ick") about BDSM. (Saletan continues footfucking his own face today.) And this morning Prudie gave terrible advice to a guy with a micropenis who worries that he'll never be able to satisfy a female partner and that any female partner he winds up with will eventually cheat on him.

Prudie directs her tiny-dicked reader to dating sites for the disabled. Because... having a small dick a disability. And non-disabled women with small-dicked men will cheat whereas disabled women will not. Because... um... a disabled woman isn't allowed to have preferences about penis size and she should be happy with whatever she gets. And on disabled dating sites, says Prudie, small-dicked men can find women "for whom intercourse may not be the primary way of expressing their sexuality but who want a physical connection." Because obviously a man with a small dick isn't interested in—or really qualified for—PIV or PIA or PIM intercourse, right? And disabled women never cheat. Ever.

Did someone fill the water cooler at Slate with Everclear over the weekend?

Everyone should be open to different types and people with disabilities can be great partners and terrific lovers. "Check out dating sites for the disabled" is good advice for all, not just for guys with tiny dicks. And guess what? Some disabled women enjoy intercourse. Some of them have a preference for big dicks. And disabled women sometimes cheat on their partners. Because they're only human, just like non-disabled women.

Here's what Prudie should've told her tiny-dicked reader: biologically speaking, a penis is a big clit and a clit is tiny penis. And guess what? There are lots of people out there with clits—bisexual women, lesbian women, trans men—who intercourse the shit out of their partners on a regular basis. And here's how they do it: strap-ons. You don't have to be a lesbian or a trans man to purchase a strap-on. And guys with small-to-average dicks who wanna take a walk on the hung side have options as well. Check out the cock sheaths and cock-extenders for sale at Oxballs.

Prudie's tiny-dicked reader can have a big dick whenever he wants or needs one.

Some women won't settle for a big silicone dildo when what they want is a big flesh-and-blood dick. But a woman who falls in love with a small-dicked man may be willing to go there. And a bi woman who has used strap-ons in previous relationships with women has already gone there. And if this guy is able to set his own ego aside—if he can learn to use a strap-on expertly and without bursting into tears; if he can see strap-ons and cock-extenders as his friends—the women he dates won't be faced with having to choose between being with him and having the shit fucked out of them on a regular basis. They'll be able to have him and all the intercoursing they want.

Prudie's tiny-dicked reader needs to love and accept his dick and build an awesome collection of sex toys. Because a tiny dick isn't a deal breaker for all women, disabled or able-bodied. A tiny dick attached to a guy with insecurity issues that prevent him from doing what the lesbians and trans men do—strapping on a big ol' dick—is going to be a deal breaker for many, many more women.

UPDATE: I was just going to revise my response to include this point, but Clayton beat me to it in the comments thread:

Prudie should have asked the man if his fingers and tongue were the usual size.

It's not all about PIV, PIA, PIM, people.