For the past hour, my coworker and fellow box-haver Anna Minard and I have been mulling over an important question: Is it worth blogging about an event that neither of us really endorse primarily to make a stupid joke about patrons of Mars Hill Church doubling as patrons of DeJa Vu?

The answer appears to be yes.

So if you're planning your weekly Mars Hill Church/DeJa Vu double header (HAR HAR), take note—a group called Stop Patriarchy is planning to protest both Mars Hill and DeJa Vu this Saturday in honor of International Women's Day:

We’re going to be protesting several sites that represent the war on women, and how that war is intensifying. The first place we plan to protest is Mars Hill Church…then we will make our presence known in front of the Deja Vu Showgirls strip club/porn store. In between those spots we will be stopping at bus stops to speak out and protest rape and sexual assault. From Delhi to Ohio, and everywhere else, from the global epidemic of rape, to the attacks on abortion rights, from the burkha [sp] to the thong…if you are not fighting the war on women, you are condoning it!

Minard and I both perused Stop Patriarchy Now's blog and both of us came away... bemused. (Burkas and thongs are categorically bad? Explain, please.) I'm not going to argue with the assertion that Mars Hill is a pile of patriarchal bullshit, but Stop Patriarchy does a pretty poor job of explaining why they landed on Mars Hill and DeJa Vu as targets for their protest. It feels like the instigators chose popular targets for controversy and then manufactured their rage, rather than launching a protest with the goal of a specific change. For instance, one flyer simply reads: "Protest Showgirls/Deja Vu for selling women and porn—which is not about eroticism and sexual exploration but about sexualized violence against and humiliation of women and girls and helps fuel the world-wide epidemic of rape."

Um, what? What about the women employed by DeJa Vu who might actually like their jobs and see their jobs as a source of empowerment? (I'm trying to get ahold of some of these women to get their take on this weekend's upcoming protest.)

Call me a lapdog of patriarchy, but Stop Patriarchy has failed to convince me that they're being at all thoughtful in their approach to actually stopping patriarchy.