GOP Makes Demands in Advance of Transportation Bill: Orcutt, the guy who thinks bicycles are contributing to global climate change, has a bunch of big ideas about how and where we should start fixing transportation in Washington.

Tsunami Flotsam Washes Up in Forks: Among foam and plastic, a beachcomber found a volleyball inscribed “I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor,” and other well-wishes in Japanese.

Gun Violence—Now with more Kids: a 14-year-old was shot in Georgetown on Friday. The teenager told police that his friend was playing with the semi-automatic when it unexpectedly discharged.

One More Reason to Love Bees: Bee venom is going to wipe out HIV.

Evolution Also Goes Backward: A recent family tree for mites shows that free-living mites have devolved, living as they did before many generations of living as parasites.

It's Not Just McCain Who Hates Hagel: The Taliban are not happy about Obama's pick for Secretary of Defense, either.

Neighborhoods Push Sex Offenders Out with Tiny Parks: Because if sex offenders don't live in your neighborhood, they just disappear, right?

Don't Worry About Missing Your Chance to Say Goodbye to Chavez: Because he's not going anywhere, like the rest of these leaders.