Because Guns Make Us Safer


And, once again, Goldy is mistaking "sarcasm" for "journalism".
I smell a rat. Pregnancy is when a woman is at highest risk for domestic violence. Either her husband is a lying POS or colossally stupid. Bad for her and for their child, either way. I hope she survives.
@2: can't he be both?

hey, men with guns under your pillow: women get up in the night sometimes. everybody pees.
But at least he feels safe.
I had the same conversation w/ my husband after the Pistorius shooting: if you think there's an intruder in the house, don't you reflexively look for your spouse/roommate/fuck buddy BEFORE you come out firing? As in "Did you hear that?" or "Is that you?"
@5: Yeah. And pregnant ladies get up to pee a lot.

@2: Is that true? I believe you; I just hadn't heard that before. I tend to suspect the husband, too. Or the drug and/or alcohol levels in his blood.
That gun was necessary to protect his family.protect his family. By the way, if he is anti-abortion and thinks a fetus is a person, he shot 2 family members.
Let's all pile on and mix the possible with the probable shall we?

Sensible people reserve commentary until the investigation is complete.
@5- I was always taught "Don't pull the trigger until you are certain of what you are going to hit."

But then I come from the kind of gun-owning family that understands that rights come with responsibilities and limitations.