Seattle-Hating State Senate Passes Anti-Sick Leave Bill


What complete fuckery. The problem with society today is wealth hoarding, aka you 29 Senators? YOU ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM
Suburban business owners want our job-creating export-driven industrial economic engine, but not our laws ...

Maybe we should form our own State and stop subsidizing them?
More symbolic horseshit from Seattle. Most employers simply give "personal time" and don't specify how it'll be used.
The Republican Washington State Senate - working for you by making sure you don't have paid sick leave. And tell me again how long has it been since this state voted for a Republican governor or Republican president? Must be the messaging. Yeah, that's it.

Goldy, at the end of the legislative year, you should compile a list of the bills the Senate (and House) passed, so that we all can see what the Republican priorities are.
While not a fan of the sick leave bill, I agree it is no one else's fucking business. This is just a fuck you to Seattle.

How's about a bill that would keep our tax dollars from subsidizing red counties.

Cascadia now!
Have this vision of Rodney Tom sitting in his waterfront Medina home that his wife's family money bought, dreaming of crushing the liberal spirit in the city across the lake. Kind of a sick Gatsby.
Fuck Olympia.
@3 "Most employers simply give "personal time" and don't specify how it'll be used."

You meant to say, "Most decent, white-collar employers whose employees have enough leverage to demand reasonable accommodations". That's what you meant, right? Because you sure as hell can't mean the vast majority of minimum wage and blue-collar employers targeted by the sick leave legislation. Or did you forget those exist? Get out of your fucking bubble. "Unbrainwashed" perhaps, but ignorant of the real world? Yes.
So these jokers have only one job and that is to flip the pudgy useless republican finger at everyone else. In all of the many lists of priorities that affect the state, and these people's specific districts (which do not seem to really include Seattle) they felt that this is the one that required the attention. What losers.
And #3, I would bet you that most people for whom this law was a benefit get no paid time off period. May one of them hack in your soup and give you the plague.
Better yet! May someone spit in each of the republican legislator's soup.
How can this be anti-Seattle if it's pro-Meinert?
Talk all the shit you want about Frank Chopp, he can keep discipline in the House.
Ugh. Principal, not principle. The pull quote spells it correctly.
Time to start our own state? Let the red-county leaches fend for themselves
godly, if the washington restaurant association is so evil as to actually do something like this, why do you, cienna and tim actively support them all the time?

im serious, those guys are fucked, please stop playing footsie with them.
nice one up there. we need some bible money quote for that. i don't read that shit so i dunno.
WOW - I actually agreed with Goldy on an issue. I have no recollection of that ever happening before...
#8, speaking of your bubble, how about all those people who'll abuse sick leave if granted in the way you demand? Ah, but some bubbles are better than others, eh, hipster fuckwit?
@3 Do your homework. Seattle's law specifically says PTO ("paid time off") plans can count as paid sick time, as long as that time is in fact available for sick leave and people can earn/accrue it at the minimum rates specified by the ordinance.
I hope the next time any one of them dines in Seattle, they have the distinct pleasure of having their food coughed on by an ill waiter.
Ah, now I see why he calls himself "Unbrainwashed". Because, in order to be brainwashed, one first must have a brain to wash...
@17 If people abuse it - and few will - then they can be fired. But your average biz loses a lot more from all the worker turnover/retraining time (replacing sick workers who have to quit or are fired), lower productivity (as sick workers infect their coworkers), and longer times away from work (because people don't get preventative care if they can't take time to see their doc) than it will from paying people the 2 days a year or so people are out sick.

Was that intentional, or do you really not know how to spell?
that was a typo. ill leave it at that there um, guy..
@17 I just started a job recently for which this legislation effected. The memo from my temp agency read such that I get an hour of sick time for every 40 hours worked but can't use any until after the 180th calendar day on the job. Six and a half sick days a year doesn't really leave a lot of room for abuse.
How do you define "principal place of business"? Is that a legal term?

Would Amazon's principal place of business be inside or outside of Seattle?
How is this related to passing a budget again? And why should anyone outside of Seattle care enough to make this a state matter?
@26 I'm pretty sure Taco Time and all other chains very much want to override Seattle on this. The chains have the money to make it happen.

so! how's it going not using quotation marks all the time, Mister G?? not well, I'd hazard...
Um, sausage being made.

Seattle passed a law. Some people didn't like that law, so they argued their case to an over-riding authority (who can make a very strong case for consistent state-wide laws)

This has nothing to do with "Seattle Hatred" and everything to do with "businesses have more power in the state than workers."

Nothing to see here.
As if any of us need more proof, does this not show definitively who Republicans represent? It certainly isn't the working man or woman and it certainly isn't the low income earner. How do they sleep at night?
@ 17
"Ah, but some bubbles are better than others, eh, hipster fuckwit? "

Ah… You can change the screen name but not the language and tone can you Mister G?

What was the matter? Did the mods finally have enough of your one-dimensional, foamy-mouthed elitist invective and put the kibosh on your last account?
Who is this Mister G I am compared to?
@29 wrong. Move back to Idaho.
Imagine Yakima passed an English Only law.

Would the people who then go to the state legislature to argue against allowing cities to pass English Only laws do such because they hate Yakima?
#34, naturally, that would call for state intervention!
@31: He was banned for mocking the victims of a fatal shooting in Seattle.

@32: Hahahaha, everyone knows dude, just accept it. You say the same things, overuse quotes the same way, and are the only person who always uses "#" instead of "@" when addressing another commenter.

Your whole "phony progressives and hipster assholes" schtick is really easy to see through.

I mean, I have seen five or six separate people call you out on it. It is really obvious. You are bad at this.
#36, you sound like another hipster fuckwit
@37: You sound like that troll Mister G.
#38, and you sound like another hipster fuckwit.
You're all a bunch of economically ignorant numbskulls. The paid sick leave law *hurts* working people. I hope this bill gets passed so that when my small, struggling employer has to close down the office in Redmond where I work, I will be able to telecommute from my home in Seattle, which I currently cannot do without my employer having to completely restructure its leave policies. If not, then I will join the ranks of the unemployed...