Updated at 3pm with new information.

The conservative police union known as the Seattle Police Officers' Guild has just filed a suit seeking a declaratory judgment in King County Superior Court to block the police reform plan currently being proposed by Merrick Bobb, the independent court monitor hired to help the city rein in our excessively forceful police department. SPOG and its sister union (and co-plaintiff), the Seattle Police Management Association, argue that reforming the police department would violate union contracts with the city's 1,800 police officers. Both the City of Seattle and court monitor Merrick Bobb are named as defendants in the suit, according to a draft of the lawsuit I've seen.

The crux of the lawsuit argues that reforming the police department would violate the unions' collective bargaining agreements with the city. The lawsuit states that certain topics that have long been subjected to bargaining—including conditions for employment, the rights officers have while being investigated, and disciplinary procedures—could be severely curtailed by the city's proposed police reform plan.

That reform plan states, among other things, that the Seattle Police Department will be monitored to see "whether all use of force is reported... tracked, and properly classified, and thoroughly and objectively investigated and reviewed to a reasonable and unbiased conclusion" and "whether disciplinary results on founded complaints reflect the seriousness of the underlying event... with biased policing, excessive force, failure to report force, or dishonesty meriting appropriate discipline."

The lawsuit requests that a King County Superior Court judge permanently block the city and court monitor from making any changes to police officers' wages, hours, or working conditions.

Granted, I'm not a lawyer but it seems that this is the unions' (somewhat expected) attempt kneecap the city's plan to reform the Seattle Police Department, because without effective measures for instituting change—like changing how officers are investigated for alleged misconduct or punished for breaking the law—a reform plan is basically a collection of useless, unenforceable tips on how to be a more courteous officer. Reader's Digest style.

I'm still waiting for comment from the mayor's office, SPD, SPOG, and city attorney's office. Stay tuned!