I was on a plane—one with no WiFi—when the white smoke appeared, then straight into a car. Don't know much about the guy besides what I'm seeing in my twitter feed. And what I'm seeing is predictably retrograde: opposes same-sex marriage, adoptions by gay people. Can't assume he's any better on birth control, abortion, the ordination of women, allowing priests to marry, masturbation, etc., etc.

Strange how when you have a celibate priesthood all they can think about is sex? The greatest thing about having sex once in a while is that it frees you up to think about other things for an hour or two.

It's still JP2's church. The purges, the destruction of the priesthood—fueled by celibacy requirements for straights, and the end of the closet, which cut the church off from its previously inexhaustible supply of closeted gay Catholic men who swapped closets for rectories.

The church is screwed. It's going to a long time before we see another John23.