The cardinals of the Catholic Church have elected Argentina's Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the past archbishop of Buenos Aires, making him the first Latin American pope. He wants to go by Pope Francis, but he shall be known to us as Beef Pope the First.

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The National Catholic Reporter's recent profile on The Beef Pope confirms that he's just as much a homophobic, anti-woman, and hateful bigot as the last pope:

Bergoglio is seen an unwaveringly orthodox on matters of sexual morality, staunchly opposing abortion, same-sex marriage, and contraception. In 2010 he asserted that gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children, earning a public rebuke from Argentina's President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

This recent report says the Beef Pope would have tolerated same-sex marriage, except gay people can't be decent parents:

Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio would have accepted homosexual marriage as long as it did not allow adoption, according to sources close to the Argentine cardinal. Marino said that allowing of adoption by homosexual couples “is denying scientific evidence and denying the child the right to grow up and develop psychologically and sexually, which requires the presence of a masculine and feminine” influence."

But the Guardian adds that he fought gay marriage aggressively:

He was a fierce opponent of Argentina's decision to legalise gay marriage in 2010, arguing children need to have the right to be raised and educated by a father and a mother. He was created a cardinal by John Paul II on 21 February 2001.

Every child requires a mother and a father—and an anti-contraception pontiff stuck in the Middle Ages. But you'd never know it from the fawning coverage of the liberal media. They can't stop gushing about his "smile" and his "warmth," but they're saying nothing about the divisive politics of a man who is now one of the world's most powerful—and more conservative—politicians.