I've been watching Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix streaming. While I've seen almost very episode of the preceding three series (the original series, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine), I'd only ever watched one or two episodes of Voyager. Now, five seasons in, I can safely say my suspicions were confirmed: this is my least favorite Star Trek series. (Though I have yet to see even one episode of Enterprise, which is next on my list, so maybe I'll change my mind. Deep Space Nine remains my favorite of the shows.)

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Look, I love having a female captain, and Janeway has her moments, no doubt. And The Doctor is kind of delightful. But Andy Dick was a guest star, you guys. And then there's the moment where Chakotay is trying to revive Janeway on an away mission and he literally yells, "Breathe, damn you, breathe! Don't you die on me now!"

ANYWAY please vote in these binding Slog polls. (You may remember our very important DS9 poll from December.) Be sure to tell me in the comments how wrong I am about preferring DS9 to Voyager, and why Neelix is the most interesting of all Star Trek characters ever.