If you, like me, religiously attended Jewish summer camp growing up, you have a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). You can't eat because somewhere in the city, kickball is happening. You can't sleep because ditto goes for talent pageants. Fighting FOMO is tough, but I have a little trick for fighting this pervasive fear. Come closer and I'll tell you.


My secret is called The Stranger's News-and-Politics calendar, which handily tracks all the fun politics and newsy events you don't want to miss. Come closer and I'll give you a taste.

Even closer!

Genetic Roulette: Local movie nerds "Meaningful Movies" will be screening Genetic Roulette at 7 p.m. tonight at the Keystone Church. The film discusses the health implications of GMOs, and it'll be followed by a discussion on a state measure in Olympia that would require retail outlets to label food made with genetically engineered ingredients. (More about that bill here!)

A Workshop on Art and Activism: The Vera Project is hosting a three-part workshop and panel series that will take place every third Thursday from now until June. The first panel, Art and Activism happening on March 21, features several local artists discussing how they are "using art as a catalyst for activism." The cost is $10, but you can bring a food donation in lieu of the ticket price.

Burke Trivia Night at the College Inn Pub: Do you love science and beer? (WHO DOESN'T LOVE SCIENCE AND BEER?) For you beer-guzzling nerds, the Burke Museum hosts a trivia night every first Thursday of the month at the College Inn Pub. The next one is April 4. It costs $5 to participate but there are prizes!

For What It's Worth, Rapid Ride Is Coming to Aurora Ave: On March 20th from 5 to 6:30 p.m, the Bitterlake Community Center will be hosting a community meeting concerning Seattle Metro's newest underwhelming addition of Rapid Ride, the "E Line" on Aurora Ave N. Have any questions or concerns about the line? Want to pre-lodge your dissatisfaction? Come tell a panel of transportation officials in person!